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CBBC reveal plans for sixth series of Horrible Histories

Yonderland confirmed for second series


Here’s another behind the scenes pic from . Meet ‘Grubbyman’ and ‘Grubierman’ being all filthy on set. [x]


this day in horrible history 

↳ 10 June 1338 AD - William Montagu, Earl of Salisbury withdraws his army after unsuccessfully besieging Dunbar Castle for five months, leaving it in the sole possession of Lady Agnes Randolph “Black Agnes”. Black Agnes is commemorated in a ballad which attributes these words to Montagu:-

"She kept a stir in tower and trench, 
That brawling, boisterous Scottish wench,
Came I early, came I late
I found Agnes at the gate.”


New picture from Bill brochure!! 


this day in horrible history 

↳ 30 May 1431 AD - Joan of Arc is burned at the stake in Rouen.

Ah Flamsteed, my esteemed Royal Astronomer.


happy birthday to everyone’s favourite fabulous-top-hat-wearing, all-singing all-dancing all-acting all-gorgeous, pie-eating, looks-good-with-a-beard, glances-down-martha’s-top-but-that’s-just-his-character-i-swear saucy rogue, jim howick.

Damian Lewis joins Bill.